Living this pretty life as a pretty woman for twenty-one years and I'm pretty educated.
Q: Your eyebrows are on point 👍

thank you lovely <3

asked by no-ouais
Q: Hey yeah you're really pretty and I'm very jealous okay bye

Thank you lovely. No need to be jealous of me though! <3

asked by Anonymous
Q: //sorry it's actually pink i was wearing sunglasses oops

Lol, no worries, it’s purple!

asked by Anonymous
Q: YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS WHY CAN'T I BE AS PRETTY AS YOU!!?! ;U; ps im gonna steal your flower crown! It's so purple <3

Thank you. (: And no worries you’re very pretty yourself & don’t you ever think that you aren’t!

asked by Anonymous
Q: Girl how did you get velvet teddy to look right? I've tried it and it does not look right on me at all.

I always use this lip liner from jordana called coco loco and top it off with a nude gloss (sometimes)

asked by ladyhsj